Plumbing Repairs for Commercial Businesses

Full-Service Commercial Plumbing Solutions

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Experienced on-staff plumbers ready to handle line repairs, irrigation system repairs, toilet replacements, and more.
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Retrofitting services available to improve kitchen efficiency and compliance with local ordinances.
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Comprehensive solutions that save our customers time and money.
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24/7 emergency response time for customers.

In an Emergency? Silver City Processing Is There

Commercial and residential kitchens are not the same. Most plumbing services are more experienced with residential plumbing. At Silver City Processing, we exclusively serve commercial properties like restaurants, convenience stores, and other foodservice establishments. Our plumbers have the experience necessary to help you keep your system running at its best.


Our highly-trained plumbers can perform a variety of commercial plumbing services, including

Plumbing Services

We handle commercial kitchens and industrial foodservice operations every day. We have the experience and know-how to troubleshoot plumbing issues with grease traps, 3-compartment sinks, washdown nozzles, commercial dishwashers, mop sinks, and other equipment common in commercial facilities.


Line Excavation & Repair


Hydro Jetting, Augering, and Line Televising


Lift Station Maintenance Installation, and Repair


Vent Line Installation and Repair


Odor Issue Troubleshooting and Repair


Grease Trap and Septic System Installation and Repair


Toilet and Urinal Replacement and Repair


Irrigation System Repair


Backflow Preventer Certification and Repair

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Retrofitting Kitchen Equipment for Commercial Applications

Time for an upgrade? If you need a retrofit, let our experts help. In our industry, we excel at addressing a situation and coming up with cost-effective solutions. For example, we can handle repairing, relocating, or replacing a grease trap. No job is too tough. We recently tunneled under several buildings to access lines for a customer that had been buried for years.


There are no limitations to what Silver City Processing can do. If you need an innovative commercial plumbing solution, you give us a call.

Why Should I use Silver City Processing for my Commercial Plumbing Needs?

Most plumbing companies focus on residential problems, causing them to misdiagnose problems when it comes to industrial applications. At Silver City Processing, we specialize in commercial plumbing, specifically in the foodservice industry.


As a full-service provider, we understand the nuances and common problems that happen with commercial plumbing. When a backup occurs, we know that it’s rarely the grease trap that’s the culprit, but if it is, we have the experience and equipment to fix the problem.


We take pride in being a single-solution provider and can handle all issues in-house. Our experienced technicians can help you with commercial kitchen repairs to find the quickest, cost-effective solutions possible.


Give us a call, and we will get to work resolving your plumbing issue so you can get back to business.

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