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Silver City Processing Offering Liquid Waste Management Solutions To The Nevada Area


Silver City Processing has technicians standing by to manage any emergency you have. Whether you have a backup, an overflow, or a compliance-related issue on your hands, our team is here to help!

Our decades of experience tell us that 90% of grease trap issues are due to clogs. We have plumbers and equipment ready to attack these problems as they come up. If your issue is with a city inspector, we have trucks and technicians prepared to clean your trap.

Our top priority is to keep your business flowing! Whether that means taking care of your commercial plumbing needs, your interceptor pumping needs, your compliance needs, or anything in between, you can count on Silver City Processing.

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Stay Compliant with Regular Maintenance


If you’re having trouble with how your business disposes of waste, our crew at Silver City Processing can help. We handle many different kinds of waste streams, including food waste, grease, grit, municipal sludge, lint trap waste, and more.

Silver City Processing is here to help your restaurant, car wash, or commercial facility with liquid waste collection and disposal. We handle everything from the moment you call us until the end of the job. We’re fully permitted by the Southern Nevada Health District and licensed by the City of North Las Vegas to haul, process, and dispose of liquid waste.

To help you stay compliant, we know local cities and ordinances and those in charge of enforcing the local codes. We always provide paperwork about our services, so you can show that you comply. When you choose Silver City Processing, you’re working with experts in the know.

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Discover Our Superior Grease Trap Services.

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Commercial Plumbing Experts


We have experienced technicians and powerful hydro jetting machines with 3,000+ PSI of pressure to address grease clogs and other types of blockages quickly and efficiently.


For more significant issues, our plumbing staff can handle everything from trap replacements and repairs to line excavation and breakages to odor issue troubleshooting and repair. If you want a safe bet when it comes to maintaining your plumbing, we have the qualifications, licenses, and permits to prove it.

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Our Service Area


Silver City Processing currently operates in North Las Vegas.
This map shows our service area.

Our facility is located at
4505 Andrews Street
North Las Vegas, Nevada 89081

Silver City Las Vegas Service Area

Our Dirty Little Secret:

We Are Leaders in Recycling

Our brown grease recovery operation helps the environment by putting your waste to good use.

How a Grease Trap Works


Watch this short animation video to better understand how a grease trap works.

Recycling Waste to Create a More Sustainable and Profitable Future