Commercial Septic Pumping and Services

Septic System Pumping and Maintenance Services

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Trained service technicians experienced with various commercial septic systems
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Routine maintenance cycles to thoroughly clean and drain septic tanks
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Inspection of all baffles and tanks
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24/7 response time for customers on a regular service cycle

In an Emergency? Silver City Processing is There

Silver City Processing offers pumping and inspection services for commercial septic systems. Keep your system functioning properly with solutions for your specific needs. Our goal is to spot and prevent septic issues before a problem develops. We offer 24/7 emergency response for customers who use our scheduled pumping services.


Prevent issues from happening by signing up for routine septic tank maintenance. We provide services to convenience stores, restaurants, schools, apartment buildings, hotels, and more.
In addition to septic tank pumping and inspection, our team of professionals provides plumbing and wastewater services.


Whether you need grease trap repair or hydro-jetting to clean your system, Silver City Processing can address all issues related to your septic system and plumbing.

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Benefits of Regular Septic Tank Pumping

Septic tanks need to be maintained to ensure peak performance. Scheduled maintenance is the best preventative method. Commercial establishments should have any septic tanks pumped once to twice a year.


Skipping regular maintenance on your septic tank can cause disaster. Sludge builds up over time, causing bad odors and increasing the chance of clogs or overflows. Pumping your septic tank prevents build-up and stops sewage from leaking and polluting the groundwater.


Not all septic tanks are alike and range significantly by size, so it’s essential to work with a professional septic service company that can accommodate your needs. Silver City Processing is ready to meet the demands of your company and develop a pumping schedule for you.


Give us a call, and we will provide you with a tailored septic system maintenance solution that suits your needs and budget.

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