Grit Trap Pumping and Cleaning Services

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Grit Trap Cleaning and Liquid Waste Hauling

We understand how to handle grit and tailor maintenance series to keep car wash grit traps clean.
Highly-trained professionals utilize state-of-the-art equipment and modern pumper trucks.
We provide waste collection, treatment, and removal to ensure you remain compliant with local ordinances.
Available 24/7 in emergencies for customers on a service cycle.

Stay Compliant with Better Grit Trap Maintenance

Car wash owners know just how quickly grit solids can become a problem. All the dirt, sand, and oil that gets washed off the vehicle has to go somewhere: the grit trap. These types of traps, also known as sand traps, separates heavier debris from wastewater, allowing the water to flow into the sewer system. 

Grit traps are found in most automotive businesses that have a car wash, including car dealerships, auto body shops, and paint and body shops. When too much grit accumulates and clogs the trap, it can cause an overflow into the facility or cause the public to come into contact with sanitary waste.

An overflowing grit trap can be expensive to fix, and the owner can face fines and penalties that hurt their business and reputation. If you need help with your grit trap, our waste removal team can help you clean up!

Regular maintenance is key when owning and operating a car wash. Silver City Processing offers grit cleaning and maintenance services that ensure you stay in compliance with local ordinances regarding water collection, treatment, and disposal.

We document every job we do and provide you with the paperwork so you’re always ready for inspection. We also offer 24/7 emergency services for customers on a routine service cycle.

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The Benefits of Being on A Grit Trap Service Cycle

It’s tempting to wait until the last minute before contacting a grit trap service. You’re saving money by not paying for a regular cycle or having water hauled off as the trap fills with more grit, right? Wrong. Hedging your bets against the public’s health is never a safe play. We caution you against waiting to have your grit trap cleaned regularly for several reasons:

1) Waiting too long between service cycles can cause an overflow. You will be fined, and your reputation will also be damaged.

 2) As time passes, heavier solids accumulate in the trap and need to be broken up using a high-powered hydrojetting machine, which means additional labor and fees.

 3) If you do have an emergency, you’ll be the last on the list! You’ll have to wait as customers on a service cycle are prioritized, putting you at risk of experiencing a suspension of operations, incurring penalties, and more. 

In the end, car wash owners who follow a regular grit trap maintenance cycle often pay the same or less than those who do not. Not having to pay costly fines and penalties or gamble with your reputation can really help your wallet and peace of mind.

It just makes sense to be on a regular cycle. Give us a call to learn more about our service cycle programs.

How Grit Traps Operate

Check how grit built-up can affect your trap and cause clogs or overflow.

Give us a call to set-up service or schedule a routine maintenance service plan to help you stay compliant, thus avoiding penalties or interrupted business.