Commercial Lift Station and Maintenance

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Lift Station Service and Pump Repair

Professionals with years of experience repairing and maintaining lift stations.
Equipped with crane trucks and multimeters to properly service lift stations.
Scheduled maintenance tailored to each customer’s needs.
24/7 emergency response for our customers.

In an Emergency? Silver City Processing Is There


Did you discover your property has a lift station on it? Don’t feel bad; you’re not alone. It’s pretty common for commercial property owners to find out that they have a lift station only after it stops working properly. The lift station is out of sight and out of mind until there’s an overflow.

A lift station transports raw sewage or wastewater from a lower point to a higher point. The lift station is comprised of one or more pumps and motors, floats or other level sensing devices, and a control panel. If your city’s sanitary sewer main is located at a higher point than its sewer lines, a lift station is necessary. 

Silver City Processing provides emergency response services and preventative maintenance. Our experts can work with you to set up a service cycle to monitor and maintain your lift station, helping you avoid costly fines and repairs in the future. We also provide 24/7 emergency services for those who just discovered a faulty lift station or haven’t invested in preventative maintenance yet.

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Why Is Silver City Processing Qualified to Maintain My Lift Station?


Our crew has decades of experience monitoring and maintaining lift stations. Whether you run a restaurant, convenience store, or a commercial property, we have experienced technicians who can help maintain your lift station.

We never show up empty-handed: we have specialized equipment including crane trucks, multimeters, and A-Frames with winches to access and maintain your lift station. Few companies can say they have our level of experience coupled with the equipment necessary to get the job done right.

Let Silver City Processing resolve any problems with your lift station and prevent new ones, so you can do what you do best: running your business.

Should I Check My Lift Station on My Own?


No! We don’t recommend that you check your own lift station. This is a very narrow area of expertise. 

Fixing lift station problems often requires specialized equipment and in-depth knowledge of how these stations work. The skills needed to repair and maintain a lift station can only be gained through time and experience.

Most companies don’t have staff with technical knowledge to check if the lift station is working correctly, much less repair one effectively. Common malfunctions with lift stations also tend to include control issues like bad floats or relays, clogged pumps and lines, or a broken check valve. It’s possible to have more than one problem and not know where to start.

Even if you happen to have someone on staff qualified to monitor lift stations, turnover happens and can result in gaps in coverage, emergencies, overflows, and big repair bills. While you may save money in the short term by using your own employees, you’ll likely pay much more in the long run if you don’t hire the experts to check your lift station.


Give us a call, and our team will set you up with grease trap services that help you stay open and in compliance with all applicable regulations.