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Automotive facilities install grit traps to keep all the dirt, sand, and oil that washes off vehicles from entering the public water system. Grit traps need to be regularly pumped and maintained to prevent overflows that could shut down your business and potentially lead to fines.

Let us help you keep your business running smoothly. Our experienced technicians can perform regular maintenance and resolve any issues that require more than routine cleaning. We can also provide hydro jetting services to clear clogged pipes and prevent overflows and backups.

When you choose Silver City Processing, you work with a team that can help you comply with local and state regulations.

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Reduce Your Environmental Impact With Our Green Disposal.

Customers are always curious about what happens to the waste once it gets collected. Yellow grease can be used for many different applications, but brown grease (the fat, oil, and grease that is removed from grease traps) is usually sent to a landfill.

At Silver City Processing, we take sustainability seriously. That’s why our procedures and policies are designed to ensure we do what’s best for the environment and our customers. We evaluate new technologies that keep us at the forefront of waste-to-energy initiatives.

We strive to keep materials from landfills and to use them for biofuels, composting, and other green alternatives. If what we collect can’t be reused, we will move it to an appropriate disposal facility. When you choose to work with Silver City Processing, you’re working with a team dedicated to removing grease from your kitchen in an environmentally friendly way.

A Better Way to Stay Compliant

Wastewater needs to be handled carefully, as overflows could affect the public sewer system and impact public health. Municipalities enforce grit trap regulations and will impose fines and other penalties if you are not handling your waste effectively. 

Silver City Processing maintains relationships with local enforcement personnel and stays up-to-date on all regulations for grip trap maintenance. We also provide paperwork if necessary for all the work we do to help you stay in compliance, so there are no surprises. 

Let us help you keep your grit trap clean! Our scheduled maintenance lets you focus on what matters most, running your business.


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