Commercial Grease Trap Repairs and Replacements

Grease Trap Installation, Repair, and TrapRenew

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Silver City Processing can Replace or Extend the Life of Your Trap

Nothing lasts forever, but the expert technicians at Silver City Processing can keep your grease trap working problem-free for years. Our proven process, specialty equipment, and skilled team of grease trap technicians can restore your grease trap to keep your kitchen running just as it should.


Silver City Processing offers a variety of grease trap maintenance and repair services. We can renew traps that have deteriorated as well as repair and replace plumbing, including inlet and outlet elbows, flow diverters, sample ports, and cleanout caps.


Our experts will inspect your plumbing, let you know about any issues, and provide you with an estimate for repairs. We have the experience and equipment to fix grease traps and provide commercial plumbing services in a safe, cost-effective way.


Let our team help you keep business running as usual.

Extend the Life of your Trap with the TrapRenew Process


Clean the contents of the grease trap using a vacuum truck. The vehicle will stay on-premise throughout the duration of the job.


Using licensed technicians equipped with atmosphere monitoring equipment, perform a confined space entry of the trap.



Thoroughly power wash the walls of the trap to improve the application and adhesion of new sealant and concrete.



Fill in all holes and cracks with hydraulic cement.



To prevent erosion, layer the walls and floor with two 3/8″ layers of a proprietary pH-resistant sealant mixture.



Refill the grease trap to allow the cement and sealant to cure.


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Trap Repair – before TrapRenew.

Note the exposed rebar.

Trap Repair - Secondary Outgoing Before
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Trap Repair – after TrapRenew.

The coating on the wall will protect the trap walls for years.

Trap Repair - Secondary Outgoing After

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What Causes Grease Trap Deterioration?

Your grease trap is home to tons of tiny microorganisms. These microscopic bacteria digest the grease and food waste that ends up in your trap and breed. The living bacteria causes the contents of the trap to turn acidic over time, lowering the pH. The acid can erode the concrete and metal that comprise the grease trap.


The longer you wait in between cleanings, the more acidic the waste becomes!


Initially, the concrete will erode, gradually exposing the rebar supporting it. As this happens, a grid-like pattern will appear on the sides of the trap. After a time, the concrete will get eaten away to the point that the rebar is exposed to the acid. At this point, the structural integrity of the walls and floors of the grease trap is compromised.


If left untreated, a wall can collapse, which could cause the whole trap to cave in. If you don’t carefully monitor and maintain your grease trap, you might find a sinkhole suddenly developing in your parking lot or drive-thru where the trap is located.


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